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We use a unique set of tools to empower you – and your team – to fast-track an idea from exploration to delivery. If you’re looking to take a product or service to market, this is where you start.Our intensive workshops are designed to laser-focus your thinking, rapidly refine your process and deliver a solution that’s ready for manufacture.Built into the process is a scorecard system to ensure measurable results for a successful product roll-out.

Market Stealer System

The Rocketfuel 5DCI(™) Process

Launching a product can be daunting process, but with the 5DCI process you get a goal-oriented roadmap that takes you from dreaming it to making, in five steps.


Phase 1
  • Define Using our discoveries to develop a scorecard to measure ideas, followed with open-ended ideation that breaks through constraints and pushes past limitations.


Phase 2
  • Using our discoveries to develop a scorecard to measure ideas, followed with open-ended ideation that breaks through constraints and pushes past limitations.


Phase 3
  • Illustrating and describing ideas for potential future development. Filtering ideas through a score card that filters what is potentially desirable, feasible & viable.


Phase 4
  • Further design development and prototyping of ideas, as well as the testing and evaluation of those prototypes with the intent of turning innovative thinking into application.


Phase 5
  • A fully-fledged product solution that has been honed and developed for roll-out and potential manufacture. Specifications and final drawings are delivered.

Sprint Workshops

When your project is mission-critical and you need to rapidly prototype a concept, this intensive workshop reduces the risk and maximises the creative output in a week!

Step 1

Pre-Sprint Preparation

Preliminary research is conducted in all relevant spheres of study, allowing realistic but ambitious targets to be set and deliverables to be outlined. Diverse participants are selected for the sprint workshop, while the workshop is constructed to fit the project at hand, all activities time-boxed to ensure efficiency.

Step 2

Workshop Sprint

Discovery Sprint Workshops allow innovative ideation to be filtered through additional research findings. We ideate and conceptualise with a focus on providing clear direction for high potential future growth. Rocketfuel ideation techniques break through constraints and push past limitations.

Step 3

Post-Sprint Validation

Sending ideas through Score Cards that filter what is potentially desirable, feasible & viable. Once ideas are implemented, they get tested against the measurables on the relevant Score Card. Consumer feedback and brand performance validate the sprint process and provide opportunities to further improve the rollout.

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Typically, we ‘check-in’ quarterly with scorecards that measure a pre-determined range of variables, most of them more qualitative than quantitative. Then the findings in the scorecards are fed into a sprint workshop that channels them into solutions and create a Future-proofing Report.

Measurement is essential in keeping track of the progress of your product, and your team. We use scorecards to measure not only the results, but each stage of development so you know what input is needed throughout the process.

What scorecard works for you?


Commercial Scorecards

  • Value levers
  • Operational levers
  • Product range feasibility
  • Benefits realisation framework
  • Moving the needle: KPIs
  • Digital analytics
  • Marketing

Product Scorecards

  • Intrinsic values (What’s inside the product)
  • Extrinsic values (What’s outside the product)
  • Ethereal values (How the product thinks & feels)

Our approach

Our philosophy is “good design is good business”. It’s not our phrase and you’ve probably heard it before, but it sums up how we view your challenges. We use creative systems that quickly identify the challenges and opportunities and implement a creative solution to suit your market, and your product.

Our tools are 100% customisable and we use our varied experience in product design and SME business development to define a bespoke solution.


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