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The Traditional Innovation system is built for basic products. Markets have become bored with me-too solutions, forcing Marketers to invest more energy and money behind basic products to drive Brand engagement.
The most successful brand experiences were won at a glance – no education needed.

To create innovative products that stand out in chaotic spaces, Rocketfuel starts with the right foundations. We use Cross-Industry Innovation Exploration to uncover clues outside of your industry. This sets up the right mindset to innovate and helps your team break away from their comfort space, widening the view to exponential solutions.

We recognise that to win human attention, natural laws must be obeyed. We solve big product challenges using our Biomimicry Design System. We develop exciting product rituals that connect your users to your Brand. Inventive architecture, striking features and carefully selected materials & colours create unique Brand DNA expressions, so that your Innovation organically attracts your target.

We fast-track your product development using our Innovation Dashboard. A framework that uses reverse-engineering methodology to remove lengthy iterations downstream. Good design is good business.


You’ll get:

  • Innovation Thought Starters Concept Boards
  • Photo realistic Innovation Presentation with Insights
  • Ownable Brand Asset
  • Less meetings
  • Exponential solutions
  • Increased business buy-in
  • Launch earlier
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