Where are the opportunities for growth?

Are you looking for new ways to grow your business or transform your organization? Enlist the help of our strategists. They will analyze customer insights, future trends, competitor and industry benchmarks to discover where the potential for growth lies.

We will evaluate the current capabilities of your organization, and how to develop them. Naturally, you will also get a roadmap for realizing the newfound opportunities – a briefing for a successful concept.

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Retail Expansion Solution -
Peregrine Farmstall

Researching and understanding the needs and behavioural patterns of a traveller and or family. Space planning, artisan coffee production and consumption, product design, mechanical engineering, project management of installation.

Once we nail the future vision, we use our analytical skills to determine how to get there: How can businesses leverage their assets to make that future possible?

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Experience Reinvention

Define the next generation of your customer experience. A program to research, prototype and bring to market integrated product/service experiences that redefine the category and leapfrog the competition.

Opportunity Landscaping

Uncover net-new opportunities in today’s market that will drive growth for the next 10 years of your business. A research and design-led process to uncover, envision and evaluate product and service opportunities (both in-category, in adjacent categories, and beyond).

Portfolio Planning

Create a portfolio strategy that clearly maps to brand and business objectives as well as evolving user needs. From a rigorous audit to detailed product and service planning, we craft portfolio frameworks and product roadmaps that drive growth.

Disruptive Forces

A deep dive into one or more forces threatening to disrupt your category. For each disruptive force (think artificial intelligence, blockchain, new competitors), unpack the likely implications, and create a strategic plan for your brand, offering, and business to evolve and thrive.

Future Crafting

Identify leadership opportunities and reduce business risk by projecting the long term future of your category. Using a detailed trend and scenario-led process, we research, prioritize and evaluate likely long-term shifts to the business environment (+3-5 years), then craft proactive strategies for your organization to develop the capabilities required to lead and thrive

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