Service Design

Enjoy the ride: The invisible benefit of great service design

Anyone who’s been to a badly organised event, or struggled with online flight check-in appreciates the value of good service design. If a service is well designed, it should appear seamless, almost invisible.

Service design embraces your entire brand experience and if well executed, it is because all the steps of the process are working according to an over-arching masterplan.
Improving service design is about gaining deep insights into the user journey and optimising each step based on careful research to improve the overall experience.
Service design provides a systematic and creative approach to an experience and differs from product design which refers to tangible products.

For users, the value of good service design is derived from the quality of that experience.
Service design is the amalgamation of various design disciplines in the pursuit of streamlining and optimising user experiences. In order to get an accurate picture of the complete situation, all stakeholders, physical components, environments and the interplay between all these factors in the system are considered.

Our Approach

Rocketfuel maps out user journeys, speaks to as many people involved as possible, analyses the context in terms of spatial dynamics as well as customers’ interactions with brand and product. This allows us to identify areas that can be optimised.

Having established these critical touch-points, we then introduce innovative products (physical or digital) into the existing system in order to improve how the business operates.

What business problem does it typically solve?
The challenge with any new brand/product or existing system which is not operating efficiently, is loss of market share. By taking an holistic view, Rocketfuel is able to gain deep insight and then design accordingly in order to get people to try, trust and ultimately enjoy a new environment, procedure or product. This ultimately results in better business, more units sold or increased foot traffic.

What it could do for you:
By creating seamless user experiences across all touch points and having clear brand principles, we provide businesses with defined ‘actionable guidance’ (eg. fuseproject) that helps future-proof your business.


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