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Prototyping is the manufacture of accurate, life-size or scale product models without having to develop complex and expensive tooling. Rapid prototyping generally relates to 3D printing in the industrial design sphere, but can include any method of prototyping an object quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively.

Our Approach

Rocketfuel regularly 3D prints models in order to check and test factors such as size, fit, functionality and strength. However, 3D printing is not the only form of rapid prototyping that we employ. Where necessary, we will use other materials and methods, including basic card mock-ups, simple structures made of wood or sheet metal, clay modelling and resin casting.

Importantly, prototyping is not restricted to just physical products, but can be extended to a service or user experience by thoroughly and systematically testing before implementation.

What business problem does it typically solve?
Rapid prototyping can provide proof-of-concept timeously and without the cost-outlay of having to create complex and expensive tools to test parts.

What it could do for you
Rapid prototyping makes developing and testing new products much more achievable financially, allowing smaller business to get a foot in the market and increasing the speed of innovation in all spheres of product development. The lower cost-to-entry for 3D printers means start-ups and SME’s now access to prototyping to test products in a way previously reserved for large corporates.


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