Product Design

Designing and building products that consumers desire

Successful design is about understanding people. It’s about creating a product that serves a purpose, solves a challenge and sparks a desire.

Product design ensures that a product has impact on any level, and often in a way they can’t describe. While it may form part of a bigger industry, the value lies in the experience with the product. The success of your product is based on its ability to meet a customer’s needs and desires.

What is Product Design?

Whether you’re an Apple or Android user, your preference will be largely due to product design (and perhaps a little marketing… ). And that product will have been strategically positioned to match an audiences’ preferences, from conceptualisation to manufacture.

  • The objective is to create a good or service with excellent functional utility and sales appeal at an acceptable cost and within a reasonable time
  • Product design is a key element of an organisation’s business strategy in that it determines the characteristics and performance of new services and goods that can contribute in a significant way to sales revenue
  • Product design is cross-functional, knowledge-intensive work that has become increasingly important in today’s fast-paced, globally competitive environment. It is a key strategic activity in many companies because of the pressure for new products to launch successfully. When companies are able to develop distinctive products, they have opportunities to command premium pricing
  • Product design is a critical factor in organisational success because it sets the characteristics, features, and performance of the service or good that consumers demand. However, product design shifts to suit the challenge or company
  • Competing in a free market populated with giant multinational companies requires the development of new products to maintain a share of the market. As a result, rapid, effective product design and market introduction are essential ingredients of any company’s overall business strategy
  • It is more relevant than ever as customers demand greater product variety and are switching more quickly to products with state-of-the-art technology
  • In a fast-paced environment, product design ceases to be an ad hoc, intermittent activity and becomes an essential and routine activity

Our Approach

We help a business evaluate if their decisions are what their market wants, and needs, before they spend money on something that won’t sell.

We take it through a process of identifying a market opportunity, clearly defining the challenges, developing a proper solution for that problem and validating the solution with real users. If the review suggests the product has market potential, a design specification that addresses such product characteristics as ‘appearance’ and ‘function’ is created and market-tested. What comes out of the creative process could change the way your brand, or company, is perceived.

We use a variety of tools to do in-depth research to find possible areas of improvement in a company or brand.

Our process could help find problems and offer solutions, or it could create a product and ensure the market is ready for it.

What business problem does it typically solve?
It ensures design is introduced into the process as early as possible as it can foresee and help identify possible opportunities and problem.
Design has a broad perspective and oversees a lot more than a business minded person – design keeps the end user in mind
By having design at the table – will flag the possible problems & could solve it then & there or steer the decision making into a new direction that can save a lot of time and money because this would be at an earlier state

What it could do for you
Rigorous testing through a systematic pipeline allows you to make an informed decision on the viability of the product before going into full production.

  • Have the security that the right business decision are made with the end user in mind
  • The correct measures and methods are used to determine what is the right direction
  • Help identify possible problems as well as possible improvements
  • Open the business to innovation – to keep growing with trends and to become future ready

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