Solgar POS Displays

Framing success

Attracting attention with edgeglow materials and iconic shape display. Using innovative Neuralsense eye-tracking technology to help consumers find products faster.

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    3D Design

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Key aspects of the user experience and human factor:

  • The premium, high-quality brand is perceived as such
  • A natural feel is exuded by the branding
  • The display is more noticeable

The Challenge

  • The Solgar brand provides premium, high-quality products and the existing displays were not effectively conveying this to customers
  • The display was not differentiated from the competition

The Solution

  • The perceived value of the brand was increased
  • The wooden look of the displays improved the natural feel of the brand
  • Brand presence in pharmacies was improved
  • Making the Solgar signage larger and accentuating the shelf with a frame and illuminated header made Solgar products more noticeable and easier to find

How was the result achieved and with what expertise, processes and techniques?

  • The header and frame were CNC milled from a mock-wood veneer-clad MDF
  • Edge-glow acrylic was laser cut and used in the frame, header and 3D lettering to create the impression that they were glowing
  • A custom-made LED-illuminated logo light box was developed to give the header presence
  • The Solgar bottles found on the header were vac-formed using HIPS sheeting and were branded with printed vinyl