Peregrine Farm Stall Padkos Express

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    Peregrine Farm Stall

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    Experience and Spacial Design

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Key aspects of the user experience and human factor:

  • Spatial design and mechanical engineering becomes a roadside family food experience
  • The Padkos Express coffee and pie station is the walking equivalent of a ‘drive-thru’, reducing bottle-necks and speeding up customer turnover
  • Integrated bars and shops as well as a playground arranged in a ‘village’ allows every visitor to find something to enjoy

The Challenge

  • Nestled in the foothills of the Elgin Valley lies Peregrine Farm Stall.
  • In 2015, Founder and CEO, Justin Burls approached Rocketfuel to solve a very specific problem. This travel stop’s reputation as South Africa’s favourite on-the-go farm stall meant that travel bugs from around the world battled to find space to sink their teeth into a delicious homemade venison pie and sip on champagne-style apple cider
  • Peregrine’s popularity meant that both automobile and human traffic jams were causing customers to drive by, rather than pop in

The Solution

  • Driven by our expertise in customer behaviour, Rocketfuel’s solution saw the introduction of a shipping container ‘village’
  • The shipping container ‘village’ features the Padkos Express, a quick-serve coffee and pie station
  • This meant that parents could tuck into tasty bakes or shop at the
  • local pop-up stores, while the kids stretched their legs in the play area
  • The increase in pie sales meant that the small-sized bakery couldn’t cope with the growing demand – a happy problem.
  • Peregrine Farm Stall is now building a new bakery, double in size

How was the result achieved and with what expertise, processes and techniques?

  • Rocketfuel had a wide scope of responsibilities:
    • Consumer research
    • Product design
    • Point of sale design
    • Product prototyping and testing
    • Manufacturing
    • Project management
    • Installation oversight
  • Projects like Peregrine Farm Stall allow us to really flex our muscles as brand experts – making sure that product, experience and space build brand Intellectual Property that’s ready to go the distance. Today Elgin, tomorrow the world
  • Flow planning allowed Rocketfuel to map out the ideal layout for increasing the speed of customer turnover