Omega Public Space Installation

Omega Public Space Installation

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    3D Outdoor Spacial Design

Key aspects of the user experience and human factor:

  • The Omega installation was intended to provide brand presence at waypoints along the Volvo Ocean Race
  • The display was meant to be highly visible to spectators

The Challenge

  • Omega required greater brand presence at the VOR
  • The display needed to withstand high wind and rain
  • High visibility was required and therefore meant the size of the logo would need to be fairly large
  • Strength was an important factor in the event of people climbing on the structure

The Solution

  • Brand presence was achieved through a spectator-sized logo placed in prominent positions at the race waypoints
  • Strength and a solid base were created by designing the logo with a robust frame and bases that could be pegged into the ground

How was the result achieved and with what expertise, processes and techniques?

  • The letters of the Omega logo were created through a fairly complex process.
  • Aluminium square bar was cut and formed into the required shapes. These were then welded together with crossbars to create the frames.
  • Sheet metal was laser cut in the shapes of the letters. This was then used to clad the metal framework of each letter.
  • The cladding was given a coat of primer and then sprayed with a few coats of paint.
  • Individual stands were made for the letters using the same method.
  • The stands could then be connected together and staked into the ground, allowing the letters to be slotted into a secure base