OKO Bar Mobile Transformer Venue

A Party on Wheels

The OKO Bar is entirely self-sufficient and can host over 100 patrons at a time on its raised floor. Its arrival is a spectacle. The unassuming trailer’s sides unfold dramatically on command to reveal a grand staircase, fully-equipped bar, generous dance floor and a DJ stage.

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Key aspects of the user experience and human factor:

  • OKO Bar is a unique transformable party venue and it’s ‘wow’ factor is its transformation from a simple 12m container trailer into a raised VIP party venue 3x the size
  • Rocketfuel realised the brief as a transformable and multifunctional party venue and event space, not only answering practical concerns, but exceeding expectations and delivering an impactful, innovative and highly profitable solution to the client
  • The OKO Bar stands out in its functionality and in its impact, being relatively compact for transportation and in the way it can function independently with its own electrical and water supply
  • More importantly, it has massive impact in the way it transforms and unfolds into a raised event space, with music, lighting, and a dance floor – the perfect canvas for an event organiser, sponsor or brand to create a memorable and effective activation

The Challenge

  • The initial brief and expectation was for a small mobile bar
  • It would need its own electrical and water supply.
  • Pop-up activations in residential and commercial areas and as a venue for hire (concerts, events, etc)

The Solution

  • It arrives as a 12m long, dual-axle truck trailer with fully-transformable event venue contained within
  • The unit deploys from being a box trailer to being a 90sqm party venue in 10 minutes with a unique and innovative hydraulic mechanism: The sides unfold and become flooring, expanding the raised floor space of the container by a factor of three, while ensuring safety with folding safety railing
  • The unit has a fully-fitted bar at its center with a central island fridge, beer tap, Spulboy glass washer, racks, prep stations, storage and illuminated bottle display
  • A dance floor separates the bar from the DJ booth, which has a rear hatch for allowing the DJ to cater to larger events, a subwoofer hatch, two counters and a raised floor to give the DJ a stage
  • Two integrated ultra-quiet generators and dual 400 liter water tanks ensure that the OKO Bar can run all day and night on its own steam – an unbeatable value proposition as a venue to hire
  • OKO Bar is a brand in its own right, a venue-for-hire with a difference. Since its sale, the unit has met massive success, being used for events such as the 7 October Newlands rugby game between South Africa and New Zealand, where it was successfully used to create a huge amount of hype outside the Castle Brewery building. The bar has already paid for itself in business, according to the client
  • The OKO Bar is a brand in its own right and the client plans to launch a full digital and merchandising campaign around the brand

How was the result achieved and with what expertise, processes and techniques?

  • The project had no budget overruns and exceeded client expectations within the budget.
  • This was achieved by partnering with German hydraulics engineers and other specialists in order to achieve a reliable and uncompromising execution that needed no revisions
  • Expertise employed: coachbuilding, welding, sheet metal construction, hydraulic engineering, electrical engineering, audio engineering, mechanical engineering, plumbing, plastic fabrication, custom lighting installation.