Circumcision Healing

Medical Innovation

An idea by young South African innovator Musa Morgan, the Circumfort kit helps boys heal after circumcision. Rocketfuel developed it for further comfort and ease of use around the principles of user-centred design, enhancing the product’s function.

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Key aspects of the user experience and human factor:

  • Circumfort is an innovative solution to a local and common, but under-addressed issue
  • The product helps young men deal with the pain and daily struggle after ritual circumcision
  • A simple, effective and inexpensive velcro secured and padded strap that holds the penis in a comfortable position, discreetly for day to day use during the healing process

The Challenge

  • The product was about to be launched with branding, packaging and initial production secured
  • We were tasked with looking at all these aspects and finding ways to improve on the functionality of the product, the strength and impact of the graphic design as well as the practicality of the packaging
  • Cost effectiveness was also a major consideration

The Solution

  • A number of prototypes were designed and made with the existing product as a strong base from which to work from
  • As the use of velcro was important in the functionality of the product, various shapes of the padding, arrangement of the straps and colours were explored
  • Other materials were explored in an attempt to improve comfort, ease of manufacture and brand reinforcement
  • Finally a number of different packaging solutions were explored, trying to keep in mind manufacturing budgets as well as final cost to the consumer

How was the result achieved and with what expertise, processes and techniques?

  • The existing product was thoroughly analysed to find areas that could be improved upon
  • As this was an exploratory exercise for the possibilities of future production runs, the concepts were physically prototyped to demonstrate their real world application
  • Materials were sourced and in-house the various concepts were sketched out then cut, assembled and finally photographed
  • The already strong brand and CI was tweaked a little and then applied to the generic packaging
  • As mentioned, with all the concepts, keeping costs down as well as using materials that were readily available and easy to work with were big priorities