Saving the day with Cipla’s re-imaged asthma inhaler

Kids felt ashamed to use their inhalers and felt scared about their asthma. Rocketfuel collaborated with Native VMA to transforms kids into superheroes when they used their new inhalers.

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    Native VMA & Cipla

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    CX | UX Design, Product Design, Prototyping

  • Awards

    Loeries & Creative Circle

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Research from Cipla showed that children suffering from asthma are embarrassed to use their pump for two big reasons.  They all reported not liking the look of their asthma pumps, and they felt shame when using it.  With children close to our hearts, we were excited to help Cipla change this perception for their young consumers.  Using CX and UX design thinking, our product designers reshaped the asthma pumps into power shots their superheroes would use.

The award-winning Bronki Booster campaign uses illuminating ‘Wind’ and ‘Fire’ inhalers, supported by a fun cartoon series to solve the social stigma, and children now feel really proud and motivated to wear the Bronki Boosters as amulets that transform them into superheroes when asthma strikes.

Rocketfuel’s design solution received a golden thumbs with a Loerie and a Creative Circle win. Our design team’s sentiment on this project is unanimous. Designing and making the Bronki Booster was a fulfilling project, because it was one that made an immediate impact on vulnerable children.