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    3D Design

Key aspects of the user experience and human factor:

  • The Kiqube, designed to reduce stress, increase performance, improve concentration and assist with sleep, was originally built for personal use
  • For 5-20 minutes a day, clients simply attach an electrode to each ear and enjoy non-invasive transcranial therapy.
  • Small form factor for easy grip and carry-on convenience
  • Comfortable earbuds for extended use
  • Buttons positioned ideally according to human factor considerations

The Brief

  • When Swiss Biotech company Redplane approached Rocketfuel in 2008, they brought with them their patented neuro-electrode device
  • Unlike the therapy, the device was invasive
  • Research revealed that clients felt uncomfortable using the larger device in public places
  • There was no translation of the Redplane brand into 3D and the device looked generic with no brand recognition

The Solution

  • Working with various patents, Rocketfuel completely redesigned the Kiqube
  • The Replane brand and Kiqube name were successfully translated into a consumer product
  • Rocketfuel reduced the size of Red Plane’s Kiqube device by 200%
  • Sales increase over 125% year-on-year

How was the result achieved and with what expertise, processes and techniques?

  • Rocketfuel’s expertise in user journey intervention and human factor considerations served as the foundation of this project
  • Creating an iconic shame and form factor allowed brand ownability
  • A Sprint Workshop allowed the kick-starting of the design process with a clear set of goals and creative options for further development
  • Rocketfuel’s partnerships with international suppliers and distributors allowed for designs to be translated easily into manufacturable components