Aeronautica Militare

Counterfeiting crisis solved for good?

Geri Boutique, an international premium brands store, brought Rocketfuel onboard to find a new way to attract luxury retail customers. Rocketfuel’s focus was to combat the large rise in counterfeit products with a unique, business-centred approach that harnesses the power of design to secure the future of an established brand.

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Rocketfuel’s 5 step approach to counterfeit-proofing

Rocketfuel set out to create a range that would be challenging to knock off, by following these 5 critical design steps:

1.   Texture complexities
2.   Dimension variety
3.   Precision thread count & height
4.   Smart colour paletting
5.   Combining trend with heritage

Fighter Plane Squadron

Rocketfuel plugged into the extraordinary heritage of this proud brand.  We believe Aeronautica’s loyal followers would enjoy bold portrayals of this heroism & bravery.  By using the consumer interactive design approach, Rocketfuel makes the custodian of these caps feel like they were part of the journey with the use of rich badging, multi-layered embroidery techniques and bold, symbolic crest embellishments.

Invest your design time in the micro-detail.

Our design focus is always on brand perception, which is governed by the commitment to the micro detail on your product. Stitch heights, stitch thicknesses, texture variations, and careful cross-over technique selection. These elements ultimately communicate your story.

The back is not just ‘the back’

We always look for hidden opportunities in materials to increase the perceived value of the brand.  Here, the standard snap-back was designed in a two-tone colour, crowned with a fighter pilot’s bullseye as a metal embellishment. The date ‘1931’ denotes the historical achievement that inspired this cap design


When thinking about sizing & placements, Rocketfuel studies the perfect proportions & lines to distinguish Aeronautica caps from lesser designs.

Always add the unexpected.

Our magic touch delights the customer with the unexpected, never relying on the traditions and heritage of your brand. Your customers pay a lot to feel like they got value for their money. Rocketfuel introduced dramatic, embroidered ‘speed lines’ that extend underneath the cap instead of ending at the front line. A gold nugget with every purchase.

Rocketfuel’s Process Checks

The design standard is always high. The manufacturing quality has to be exceptional. Rocketfuel’s successful formula, is to create enough check points in the process to ensure perfection, step by step, by step…