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Woolworths’ Liquid Detergent

Cleaner recognition

Silhouette tracings of your product next to your competitors, could help more businesses understand where their sales may be limited. Most brands focus on their label, leaving a gap for competitor brands to easily disrupt with innovative packaging shapes. Woolworths was shoulder to shoulder with very established brands, and their bottle needed to be perceived as more premium, advanced in formulation, and better bang for buck. To solve this problem, Rocketfuel innovated beyond the label.

We brought together two respective disciplines – product and graphic design to create a new category shape that displays and feels more premium than their competitors. At Rocketfuel, we believe that when you find a new way to make users life easier by solving even a simple product experience issue, they are more likely to stay with your brand, so we designed a smarter dispenser to help users handle the bottle better when wet.

The new detergent bottle shape allowed Woolworths to maximize their on-shelf real estate, and inspired multiple product line extensions now dominating the FMCG category. Corporate identity is so much more than a label on a bottle. It’s about transforming your 2D design into an iconic shape your brand can own, and your consumers can connect with.





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