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This way up – 227% increase in sales

Why don’t you join us in the VIP section? Up the spiral staircase of the Jose Cuervo Tequila mobile bar.

Foodies have the world at their feet as food and beverage events just keep getting bigger and better. When Jose Cuervo Tequilla approached Rocketfuel in 2013, they wanted a mobile bar that could easily travel around the country between events and offer fans of their favourite tipple an experience no other alcohol brand could match.

Combining event behaviour research and mechanical engineering, Rocketfuel designed two shipping containers which opened up via hydraulic doors, revealing two bars and creating two VIP upper decks accessible from spiral staircases. Product walls, LCD screens, stock and event clothing rooms for staff made a more than just a mobile bar. It created a complete brand experience.

Rocketfuel is a very innovative company with a brilliant pragmatic approach. I have found their ideas to be very bespoke and eye catching. Their concepts are definitely ones that will disrupt the category and stand out once they come to life,” Franscoe Bouwer, Innovation Director, SAB

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At the first event alone, sales grew by 227%, even with 20% less event attendance than the previous year.


Rocketfuel was responsible for:

  • New concept
  • Spatial design and planning
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Project and production management
  • Installation and build oversight