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Rocketfuel sets sales records for Peregrine Farm Stall

Sink your teeth into a project where spatial design and mechanical engineering become a roadside family food experience.

Nestled in the foothills of the Elgin Valley lies Peregrine Farm Stall. In 2015, Founder and CEO, Justin Burlsapproached Rocketfuel to solve a very specific problem. This travel stop’s reputation as South Africa’s favourite on-the-go farm stall meant that travel bugs from around the world battled to find space to sink their teeth into a delicious homemade venison pie and sip on champagne-style apple cider. Indeed, Peregrine’s popularity meant that both automobile and human traffic jams were causing customers to drive by, rather than pop in.

Driven by our expertise in customer behaviour, Rocketfuel’s solution saw the introduction of a shipping container “village” featuring the Padkos Express – a quick-serve coffee and pie station. This meant that parents could tuck into tasty bakes or shop at the local pop-up stores, while the kids stretched their legs in the play area.

Projects like Peregrine Farm Stall allow us to really flex our muscles as brand experts – making sure that product, experience and space build brand Intellectual Property that’s ready to go the distance. Today Elgin, tomorrow the world.

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The increase in pie sales meant that the small-sized bakery couldn’t cope with the growing demand. Peregrine Farm Stall is now on the road to designing a new bakery … double in size.


Rocketfuel was responsible for:

  • Product design
  • Point of sale design
  • Product prototyping and testing
  • Manufacturing
  • Project management
  • Installation oversight
  • Consumer research


Adding Rocketfuel: