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Changing customer consumption pattern


The world is on a pursuit of wellness, and consumers now have more choices than ever in following a healthy lifestyle. Your gut is central to overall health, whether you’re giving the keto diet a bash, getting a feel for veganism or just upping your intake of supplements. A cluttered over-the-counter marketplace meant that Regul8 now had to work on instant brand recognition with a one-of-a-kind customer interaction mechanism to stand out amongst layers of competitor products.

We wanted to create packaging that hugely drives on-shelf appeal, but more importantly smartly navigates how customers can interact with Regul8. The team tested an idea around separating day and night usage to see if users would be more consistent in taking the product. It worked – so we designed packaging that created a time system for users, separating the morning sachets from the evening sachets, using a slider to organize the pack and manage the usage. This system helps users remember how often they need to take the product in order to feel better.

The introduction of the day/night Regul8 container resulted in consumers increasing their consumption of Regul8. The increase in usage lead users to feel better, cementing new loyalty to the brand, and increasing market share for Regul8.




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