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Regul8 – just add Rocketfuel

Working day and night to change customer consumption patterns.

The world is obsessed with wellness, and consumers now have more choices than ever in following a healthy lifestyle or selecting health products. Your gut is central to overall health – whether you’re giving the banting diet a bash, getting a feel for veganism or just upping your intake of supplements. A cluttered over-the-counter marketplace meant that Regul8 needed to stand out and create instant brand recognition and a one-of-a-kind customer interaction.

We wanted to create packaging that not only creates on-shelf appeal, but also enhances the way customers interact with Regul8. We developed day/night packaging – a single Regul8 box which allowed customers to grab a sachet from the respective morning or evening sections.

Our experience with Rocketfuel was great. They deliver on time. We had an excellent response from the public in term of design.”

Steven Fernandes, Marketing Manager Kingsley Beverages

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The introduction of the day/night Regul8 container ensured that consumers increased their consumption of the product. Regul8 has seen massive market growth and customer feedback has been only positive.


Rocketfuel was responsible for:

  • Packaging design
  • Product prototyping and testing
  • Product engineering