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Packaging design by Rocketfuel

The most iconic product packaging design of all time, the Coca Cola bottle, cost the company $500 to design. The brief to their design agency was simple: “a bottle so distinct that you would recognise it by feel in a dark room or lying broken on the ground.” The resulting bottle with its embossed logo and fluted lines was best described by noted industrial designer Raymond Loewy as “the perfect liquid wrapper”. The Coca Cola company didn’t believe in generic or one-size-fits-all. And neither do we.

Sure, successful packaging design considers what a product looks like on-shelf. And yes, it ensures that a product stands out when compared to competitors. But here’s the difference between successful and great – iconic brand shape. Creating an iconic brand shape considers the entire brand experience and then creates a package that’s synonymous with your brand now and into the future. Harold Hirsch, lead attorney for The Coca Cola company, said it best: “We’re not building Coca-Cola alone for today. We are Coca-Cola for forever.” Until today, no other beverage company has been able to top the icon design.

Your brand deserves to be an icon. And generic, one-size-fits-all packaging isn’t going to cut it.

At Rocketfuel, we create icon brands through bespoke packaging design. Our team, which consists of designers, industrial designers and material experts, work with our world-class manufacturing partners to take packaging design briefs from concept to completed product.

We’ve worked with entrepreneurs, brands such Woolworths, Audi, Panado and Lancewood, as well as some of the world’s top ad agencies to deliver packaging design projects that deliver measurable results.


Packaging design projects we’ve worked on:

  • Detergent bottle designs
  • Pill packaging designs
  • FMCG packaging
  • Sweetener container
  • Presentation boxes
  • Liquor packaging
  • Cosmetic containers and packaging