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Not-so-slippery when wet.

Rocketfuel scrubbed up Woolworths’ liquid detergent packaging and the results were dazzling.

The iconic white W was placed on a simple black background. Show the logo to any South African and almost instantly they’ll be able to tell you which brand it belongs to – Woolworths. But what if that logo weren’t there? Would a customer still be able to identify a Woolworths product such as their liquid detergent so quickly?

This is the question that drives every product design project at Rocketfuel. Can we shape a corporate identity to create an iconic brand shape? To answer this question, we brought together two respective disciplines – product and graphic design. The result? A new liquid detergent bottle that not only displays and feels like a premium Woolworths product, but one that is also preferred because the new shape handles much better when wet.

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The new Woolworths detergent bottle not only maximised on-shelf real estate, but also inspired multiple product line extensions which are now dominating the FMCG category. It goes to show that a corporate identity is so much more than just a label on a bottle. It’s about transforming that 2D design into an iconic shape your brand can own.


Rocketfuel was responsible for:

  • Product design
  • Product prototyping and testing
  • Product engineering


Prototyping something new: