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Mobile Tasting Experience

A Mobile Tasting Experience That Provides Seamless UX Action.

Heineken’s Windhoek Lager team were looking for a tasting experience that premiumized the brand and increased their visibility in the market place. Traditional design and manufacturing takes ±4-5 months and the brand team only had 2 months to start their national tasting promotion.

Heineken approached Rocketfuel to collaborate, and using our Fast Design (TM) system, Windhoek’s premium mobile tasting experience was designed to maximise service functionality to double the amount of tastings promoters offered to ensure there was no waiting engage and taste.
Increased functional and utility spaced replaced the basic storage format typical with mobile units, dramatically speed and efficiency during tasting service.
Windhoek’s tasting experience showcased progressive architecture and premium finishes, increasing Windhoek’s visibility and user engagement.

Designed, Prototyped and launched in 2 months.
Results: 70% less marketing meetings; 60% Manufacturing time saved; 92% Premiumized; 78% Improved Visibility; 40% increase in tastings




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