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Jekyl & Hide

New display changes J&H’s perceived value.

An iconic Shape is your competitive advantage in the crowded retail space. Rocketfuel deconstructed Jekyll & Hide’s logo to create a 3D iconic shape that carries the brand’s design language into more aspects of the merchandising display systems, resulting in shoppers being drawn in by the new quality feel.


J&H are crafters of extraordinarily beautiful accessories for professionals that appreciate the fine leather detail and quality workmanship the brand offers. Owner Bernard Bultemeier, had ambition to grow his market, and needed a mechanism to attract new consumers to his product.

We used our CX and UX design approach to map out the shoppers journey in order to uncover new opportunities for brand. The unique fixtures create a better wallet display using a stadium-effect to ensure all J&H products are visible and displayed at an angle already facing customers entering. The adjustable belt display allows easy access to hanging belts, while showing what they look like when worn around the waist. Materials chosen for Bernard, were a really important factor as they had to resonate with both the store environment as well as the brand language without overpowering the displayed products. High quality hardwood veneers combined with powder-coated mild steel and laser cut perspex form the ideal backdrop to J&H’s textured leathers, while pairing with the rustic industrial chic aesthetic of the J&H store environment. For the new brand structure, our team developed an iconic hexagonal J&H shape as a motif throughout the designs, creating a distinctive visual cue that is a natural continuation of the Jekyll & Hide brand.





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