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Jameson’s parade unit delivers a luxury serving ritual

High energy venues offer liquor brands unique opportunities to win the attention of consumers, but the competition is aggressive in this space.

Whisky drinkers favour brands that deliver an exclusive, premium and unique table service and drinking experience. Ice buckets and sparklers don’t cut it in this lane.
Pernod Ricard partnered with Rocketfuel to design a parade unit that presented Jameson in a unique and luxurious way to the custodian.
The design team created concept boards showcasing a series of serving ritual probabilities. The selected concept was designed and developed using carefully selected materials. Cycles of Prototyping and testing allowed Rocketfuel’s design team to achieve a finished product that delivers on an ultra luxurious whisky drinking experience.
Jameson’s illuminated bottle glorifier steals attention as a team of promoters paraded the serve from bar the table. On arrival, the custodian reaches out, holds and turns to access the bottle, delighting friends and surrounding tables alike.


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