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In-store display by Rocketfuel

Shelf displays, gondola ends, product glorifiers and other in-store display solutions allow your product to take centre stage at the most important point of in the customer’s journey – the point of purchase. Understanding the cues and triggers consumers need in this competitive arena is what makes Rocketfuel’s in-store display team experts in the field.

Analysing consumer science and buying patterns has helped us deliver key insights during in-store display projects with countless brands such as Snus, Bisquit and Solgar to name a few.

Award-winning design and an increase in client sales and brand recognition are some of the results Rocketfuel and our clients have enjoyed in over 42 in-store display projects.


In-store display projects we’ve worked on:

  • Product glorifiers
  • Gondola ends
  • Shelf displays
  • Shelf dividers
  • Free-standing units
  • Fridge displays
  • Shelf talkers
  • Window displays
  • Till point counter displays
  • Window displays