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Design by Rocketfuel

When the design team at Rocketfuel take charge of brand design, we think beyond business cards, letterheads and email signatures. We think beyond what can be applied on paper, and give shape to your business’ corporate identity.

The Rocketfuel team consist of graphic designers, product designers and industrial engineers. This unique combination of skills in one space means we have the expertise at hand to not only deliver design that looks good applied to traditional corporate stationary, but can translated from flat design into the real world. Whether that be a product, space or experience.

Indeed, the Rocketfuel design team bridges the gap between 2D and 3D.


Design projects we’ve worked on:

  • John O Connor
  • Nectar
  • Regul8
  • OVHD
  • Porter & Craft
  • Colnago
  • The Grand
  • Castle
  • Dragon Energy Drink
  • Braingear