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Shipping Container Conversions by Rocketfuel

The space for innovation is shrinking.

Over the last decade, pioneers in design and manufacturing have realised that putting boundaries on creativity often produce the most innovative results. And what better limitations are there than four solid walls? Four walls that force you to apply out of the box thinking, for inside the box business.

Our expert engineers and designers have worked alongside global brands designing and manufacturing shipping containers. Our end-to- end service results in spaces where we transform brand identities into human experiences. Experiences that can be relocated, recycled and reinvented time and time again.

With maximum consumer impact and minimum environmental impact as the driving forces behind each shipping container conversion, we offer each client a bespoke solution to fit their brand and budget.

Shipping container conversions we’ve worked on:

  • New shipping container conversion
  • Secondhand shipping container conversion
  • Customised shipping container conversion

Bespoke fittings and finishes include:

  • Hydraulic/gas-lift folding sides
  • Staircase for roof access
  • Lighting and sound system fittings
  • Water management systems
  • Weather resistant flooring applications
  • Air conditioning and misting installations
  • Various branding applications
  • Custom interior design