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Creating for creators


How do you design an accessory range for one of the greatest bike designers of all time? Litmus test your creative team, and select only the cycling-obsessed for the job, because no one can understand the gruelling journey of cyclist, like a cyclist.


The weekender bag.

Aside from designing a range that exudes quality & luxury, we wanted custodians of these accessories to have a sense of tribal belonging, so we integrated the signature Colnago white frame detail into each accessory. A feature that sets apart the Colnago Cyclist from the rest.



The item at the forefront of driving the power. This dedicated cycling shoe protector separates the costly gear from the rest of your necessities and fits conveniently inside the weekender bag.


Bringing home the bacon.

The experience at a till point can be teeth-grinding. A great wallet is defined by the balance of just enough slots to accommodate the necessary cards, a sleek form factor and compartments that require only a gentle tug to access cards.

You’ve got this.
Space on the bike is a challenge. This well-organised ‘rescue kit’ was designed to open up easily for some outdoor emergency bike surgery. Big enough to carry all the essentials, small enough to slot under the seat.

This Colnago accessory range was presented to Ernesto Colnago, leaving him so moved, it prompted him to pull out a very special thank you from his bottom desk drawer. Rob Grey was awarded a private collection medal, only given to 9 other people by Ernesto.








Brand Design, Product Design, Prototyping


Ernesto Colnago Private Collection Medal



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