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Cold Lock

Coldlock Pack .. No ice needed

Castle Lite approached Rocketfuel to design and develop packaging that solves a warm beer problem.
The need for a new cold experience was identified in user-research, as consumers struggled to keep their beer cold when transporting, storing and drinking the product. This challenge was converted into an opportunity for Castle Lite to reclaim their ‘Extra Cold Innovator’ title by launching a smart pack that solves the warm beer problem.
To land cold perception on shelf, the ColdLock pack was shaped to mimick a refrigerator.
The Coldlock packaging was designed to retain and extend cold 3 hours longer than a standard pack. This function was achieved using thermal dynamic light-weight litho laminated materials that trap and hold cold temperatures. The pack’s architecture was designed to isolate each can, maximising cold retention as individual beer cans are accessed and taken from the pack, leaving the remaining cans to function as individual cold refrigeration rooms.
The multi-pack has a space-efficient holding capacity, storing 16 cans of 500ml beer, made possible by the inner-cardboard structure that comfortably fits into residential fridges.
Drink ice cold beer anywhere with your friends by adding ice, converting the multi-pack into a mobile ice bucket that keeps your beer cold for hours.


3 Hrs Cold Extension

12.5% increase in positive brand sentiment

14% increase in sales

12% increase in sentiment around the packaging

37 million brand impressions





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