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Increasing human performance

Kiqube is a medical device that reduces stress, increases performance, improves concentration and assists with sleep. Swiss Biotech company Redplane approached Rocketfuel to help them improve the design and brand recognition of their patented neuro-electrode device when research revealed users felt uncomfortable using the large device in public places.
We wanted to understand what users wanted, and importantly, uncover what they may not yet know they want. To create a shape that was recognizable and ownable, Rocketfuel looked to other industries for influences that could inspire the future of human performance devices.

The first challenge was to reduce the size without compromising componentry. Rocketfuel managed a 200% size reduction with new features that supported a friendlier grip, comforting earbuds and smarter carry-on convenience for extended use. The new improvements drove a spike of 125% increase in product sales for their business.





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