Industrial Design

This is where new products are born

Industrial design is about giving shape to new ideas. It’s the process of creation, taking the raw idea and bringing it to life in its manufactured form.

In an effort to integrate traditional crafts with mass production, industrial design was born to help manage the material understanding, form-giving and usability skills of the craftsman with a deep understanding of industrial manufacturing processes.
As the field has evolved, its objectives are no longer just physical products, they are processes, services, technology enhanced interactions, entertainments and ways of communicating and collaborating

Design goes right to the heart of a product. Good design contributes to not only a product’s look and feel, but perhaps more importantly, it’s usefulness and commercial success.

Our Approach

Our experience in product development and expertise in design means we take a hands-on approach to product development. Through a systematic approach, we work with you to and transform your invention into a product ready for manufacture. We use a set of strategic and tactical activities, from idea generation to commercialisation to conceptualise, evaluate and develop the product. At its core, it’s about problem-solving and visualising the needs of the user to find a consumer-ready solution.

Whatever the brief, we ensure the product meets requirements eg. high-quality products, low-cost manufacturing & materials. Over the years, we’ve worked with a wide range of products, using CAD programs to model up designs as well as producing technical drawings.

What business problem does it typically solve?
When looking at a new product, industrial design creates a bridge between technology and the consumer by taking something from craft into production. It works to improve the design, function, engineering and marketing of products. And with that, it becomes more competitive (or better!) than similar products on the market in terms of quality, appearance, performance, service life, and price.

Importantly, the cost of production is lowered and the manufacturing processes is simplified.

What it could do for you:
Industrial design has the ability to change the way you approach your business. By reviewing your processes, it has the potential to create new experiences for your customers, drive technology and innovation, and ultimately create increased demand for your product.

It achieves this by identifying the correct forms, interactions and materials for reasons such as durability, sustainability, eco-friendliness, recyclability and future trends. If you’re looking to launch a product into competitive sector, considering an industrial design process is essential. It brings together the key elements of design and allows your team to research and test the idea at every stage of development, from concept through to materials and consumer appetite.


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