Growth Strategy

Position your brand for explosive growth

Every company wants to grow – it’s what drives success and allows for expansion and new product development. But what are the strategies that create real growth? How can design thinking unlock the potential of new products or rejuvenate existing brands?

Our Approach

Rocketfuel deploys a well-honed growth strategy formulae for the successful discovery, definition and designing of brands and products with the focus on market success. The goal is to assess your business’s strengths and weaknesses, and identify both the opportunities open to your business and the threats you face. A growth strategy is presented that repositions your brand and your products to prepare for the future and grow your market share, with consideration to the following:

  • The market of the future
  • Your product in the future
  • Technology
  • Innovation
  • Opportunities
  • Threats
  • Measuring progress (Score Cards)
  • Key trends

“The sniper approach vs shotgun approach. minimum effort maximum results. simplicity. Elegance”Dan Lok

The Rocketfuel 5DCI™ Process

The 5DCI process produces maximum creative yield with the stance that ‘Good design is good business’.


Phase 1
  • Define Using our discoveries to develop a scorecard to measure ideas, followed with open-ended ideation that breaks through constraints and pushes past limitations.


Phase 2
  • Using our discoveries to develop a scorecard to measure ideas, followed with open-ended ideation that breaks through constraints and pushes past limitations.


Phase 3
  • Illustrating and describing ideas for potential future development. Filtering ideas through a score card that filters what is potentially desirable, feasible & viable.


Phase 4
  • Further design development and prototyping of ideas, as well as the testing and evaluation of those prototypes with the intent of turning innovative thinking into application.


Phase 5
  • A fully-fledged product solution that has been honed and developed for roll-out and potential manufacture. Specifications and final drawings are delivered.

What business problem does it typically solve?

Growth strategy is about future-proofing your brand and products. All creativity is centered around business goals and your market, with the aim to increase and/or implement:

Market penetration: To increase market share and penetration, Rocketfuel discourages price-lowering in favour of a brand and product intervention that initiates value creation and increases perceived value in the eyes of the consumer.

Market expansion: This involves repositioning existing products for a new market in order to use existing capabilities and assets for further economic gain.

Product expansion: Often, a new product line extension is required in order to access new markets or grow the engagement of your existing customer base.

Diversification Strategies: Brand and product diversification offsets risk and initiates access to new markets without threatening your current market.

What it could do for you:

Rocketfuel’s 5DCI process for Growth Strategy future-proofs your business by bringing together:

    • Your Brand(s) (Story)
    • Your Customer
    • Your Process
    • Your Product(s)

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