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Good design is good business

Companies that don’t value design and constant innovation risk losing market share. Rocketfuel worked with beloved road-trip stop Peregrine Farm Stall on the Cape Wineland’s N2 to update, innovate and differentiate.

“The key is to embrace disruption and change early. Don’t react to it decades later. You can’t fight innovation.”

– Ryan Kavanaugh, American businessman, film producer and film financier

Take the lead

Following the leader can mean delayed response and the impression of copying, which invariably results in reduced market share. On the other hand, category leadership through innovation results in the perception of authority and higher value.

Rocketfuel’s purpose is to help businesses grow through innovation. We generate ideas and bring them to life in a way that speaks to consumers and leads to growth in market share. This form of design thinking can apply to everything from a technology company to a farm stall.

Peregrine Farm Stall was struggling to differentiate itself from other stops along the N2 and to identify how to tackle competitors encroaching on its market. Typically, roadtrippers demand more convenience, luxury and purchase options than ever before. The questions to ask: Why would roadtrippers make the decision to stop at Peregrine when it was just another farm stall in a ‘sea of same’ and how could we communicate its value effectively?

Uncovering the growth potential

In understanding what Peregrine was truly capable of in terms of growth, Rocketfuel worked with its owner Justin Burls to find the highest expression of what it delivers to its patrons.

What exactly was Peregrine Farm Stall enabling or creating as the outcome for their customers as they interacted with their products and travelled on a ‘user journey’ through their space?

Understanding The User Journey

Through listening to Peregrine patrons, it became clear that they absolutely loved Peregrine’s products and that their pies had gained an especially loyal following. In short: Peregrine offered exceptional padkos at the ideal location. However, its customers couldn’t stand the bottlenecks in the parking lot and in the store.

Rocketfuel’s solution was to develop a new and uniquely South African way of serving people who were quite literally on the go: the Padkos Express. Quick-stop patrons could walk past a series of windows, purchase, pay and drive off in minutes with their roadtrip bites and refreshments. The bottlenecks eased up and patrons were happy.

Exceeding Expectations

In fact the Padkos Express was such a success it increased the demand for Peregrine’s famous pies and the business had to undergo an emergency kitchen renovation to double their output!

“Rocketfuel’s innovative thinking knocked my socks off each and every time. But fun and entertainment aside, what was most important ultimately was that what was delivered exceeded our expectations and their awesome design has left an indelible mark on our business,” says Justin.

Soon Peregrine’s competitors will follow and it will have to innovate again, but for now it retains its crown as the Western Cape’s most popular farm stall. Change that captures the value of your business stimulates growth and keeps you on the path of increasing ‘Creative Yield’ by offsetting the risk of failure.

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