Concept Development

Why ideas are the strongest currency

Concept development is the process of generating and testing ideas that attempt to solve identified design issues. Concepts can range from utterly ridiculous abstract ideas to completely practical but uninspiring. The potent concepts are the ones that combine the best of both extremes of this spectrum that can be applied creatively and appropriately to the problem.

Our Approach

We follow a five-step process called the 5DCI. The phases; namely, Discover, Define, Design, Develop, Deliver allows us to engage thoroughly with the brief and build it out progressively. The phases involve: ideation sessions internally and with clients, sketching, illustrations, shape generation, CAD designs, LO-FI and high-quality prototyping as well as 3D printing.
The 5DCI is designed in such a way to allow each phase to interact with, modify and inform each of the other phases.

What business problem does it typically solve?
By engaging this thoroughly with the brief and constantly testing/analysing concepts and ideas only the best and most impactful solutions are generated.
Design is a core strength of Rocketfuel, in all its various guises. Intriguing and stand-out products or brands are what distinguishes brands or products in a market saturated with repetition.

What it could do for you.
Good design is appreciated by everybody. Good design stands out and sells product.


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