Brand Design

Why Brand Design Matters

What exactly defines a brand? The short answer is: everything. Everything you do creates the brand experience, in other words: design IS your brand.” Branding and design are inseparable.

A brand identity is the visual representation of the values and personality of your brand. As the first point of contact for clients and potential business partners, your brand ID is essentially how you want your business to be perceived by your customers.
Creating a strong identity is the first step to creating a successful company and should represent the values of your business and have commercial appeal.

Ultimately, a brand identity communicates your essence and defines what your point of difference is. Whether you’re considering new brand development, brand extensions or simply a refresh, brand design is a the core of the process.

Our Approach

Before we even think about creating anything, our design team immerses themselves in your business – and market – to try and define what your point of difference is. This is the research phase and is essential to understand you, your market sector and your business goal.

The best way to do this, however, is in partnership with you in a strategic workshop to discover the brand essence. Some clients are reluctant at first – they would rather deliver a brief and send an agency off to do their thing – but if you can convince the right people to get their heads together in a room, amazing things can happen.

When building a product for a new company, the first thing we consider is what kind of audience you want to reach. Then, we consider the message you want to convey and how best to communicate it.

As product designers, we develop a deep empathy for customer needs, fears and desires. It has become a natural extension of our thinking from product requirements to emotional brand attributes.

We design concepts and their application by reinterpreting the needs of a product to fit in seamlessly with the brand identity. We consider the design and brand together. (Take the logo off a BMW and you still know it’s a BMW!).
When we design products for corporate identity we try and share the same corporate spirit and define the identity by organising images, product and brand into a single, cohesive package, connecting 2D branding to the design of 3D products.

The mission at the core of the brand strategy is the blueprint we follow while building a product to stay true to the emotional impact you want your product to deliver.

What are the advantages of effective brand design?

Creates a unique Identity: it establish a personality for your brand that reflects your core values

Consistency: a clear, uniform and well articulated identity works across 2D and 3D designs and all your market touchpoints

Creates differentiation: it creates a point-of-difference that connects with your target audience and differentiates you from competitors

Awareness: a strong visual identity announces your brand to the market and works to create awareness

Builds trust: building a brand is about building a reputation for quality and good practice – your brand design is the foundation for creating trust

When a brand truly understands their consumer’s needs and absorbs their point of view into the R&D process, they can design more meaningful, more successful products.

What it could do for you

  • Immediate impact and dynamic growth is the goal of a targeted ‘brand identity’ design that connects meaningfully with customers and prospects.
  • Products that are branded and connected with a brand are always communicating a message. Designing these products is about building relationships that the consumer doesn’t even realise have been made.
  • Brand identity and product design utilise creative strategy to build a memorable and positive product experience both online and offline which always comes back to the way people feel about your brand. (Good product experience > good brand experience)
  • You will pay more for a T-shirt with a cool design on it than one without, because the brand is important to you. An item with a compelling design on it has so much more value that it can sometimes gain worldwide recognition for the entire company simply from that one design.

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