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So why don’t 86% of ideas not make it onto the shelf?

You’ve had a few drinks with friends, the steak is on the fire, your team has just won .. and you decide to share your amazing invention idea. Your friends think you are a genius. Your mom claims that she knew from the day you were born that you would do something special in the world 
and this is it!
After a little bit of research, you are confident that people will love it and that your idea will work, so you start investing in it, with the ‘support’ of your friends who promise to invest.
A quarter of the way into your development your investors pull out one by one. You are told the risk is too great and your genius idea lands up never seeing the light of day. A few years later you see it on the shelf. Someone else beat you to it. Sound familiar?

The simple yet critical factor that we have found in over 23 years of helping business take new products to market is how quickly the potential and probability of the product being a success can be measured.
We use our tried and tested FAST INNOVATION™ formula to find out whether you can produce your product for 2.8 to 3.2, of the recommended retail price that will ultimately give your product room to grow and scale.
Within 2-4 weeks our FAST INNOVATION™ formula will identify whether your idea is worth investing in or not.

There is more than enough money in the world, but not enough bravery. Let us help you find out if your idea is worth launching or not.

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