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Speed And Accuracy
We believe that speed and accuracy has divided the ‘slow-busy’ business teams from faster moving brands. Rocketfuel’s High Performance Design process developed from an urgency to help businesses change their 100-meeting marathons, to measured strategies in days. Our Innovation Sprints dramatically reduce leadtimes and drive stronger outcomes, by testing, iterating & developing higher performing opportunities and products for businesses.
Through Proven Track Records
Through a proven track record, we also know that personalizing interaction with users and your product validates how important their experience is to you, and symbiotically, how long they remain connected to your brand, product and business. In developing and launching our clients products, as well as many of our own, we have been able to isolate the key processes that leads to exciting product experiences and more powerful brand outcomes, only now in much shorter time frames.
Supporting Great Design
Supporting great design with innovative solutions that are built from deep user insights, helps our clients get higher performing products to the market much faster, and lead categories with the competitive edge they are looking for.

Our Story

Founded in 1999 and led by Mechanical Engineer Rob Grey, Rocketfuel has launched awarded-winning products working closely with over 144 local and global organizations to better their brands, products and businesses. Rob strategically grew his expert team of Product Designers, Innovators, CX | UX Designers, and Design Sprint Specialists, with unique creative skills and experience in manufacturing through multiple industries. For over 22 years, we have resolved product challenges effectively by connecting our clients up close with our innovators, to get higher performing products to the market in weeks, instead of months.


There has never been a more pressing time than now for innovators. The world needs solutions, and it needs solutions fast. Our founder, Rob Grey feels strongly about helping young innovators learn how to excel. Futr-Proofing™ focuses on teaching the new way of innovating, giving learners a stronger head start, and the tools they will need to build better solutions.
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