Rocketfuel is a multi-disciplinary product design and innovation agency.  We help global brands, SME’s and Start-ups improve their brand & product performance with our 5 phase innovation process that reduces ideation through to prototyping stages from months, sometimes years.. down to a few weeks.   Key innovation metrics are used to produce inventive design accuracy, at speed.  Rocketfuel’s services start from outside-industry research through to rapid prototyping.  We produce multiple solutions for critical product issues that help our clients increase the performance of their product.   We produce solutions and new opportunities from creating Iconic Product, through to Product Design, Experience Design, Ritual Design. Service Design, Product Toolkits, Environmental Design and Innovation Design.  Our Design Sprint process enables us to generate multiple high scoring ideas with new interventions for product to consumer problems for our clients.  These are ideas are prototyped and pressure tested.  Ideas are prototyped and validated through intensive time boxed stakeholder tests, so that our clients have all the motivation they need to help Stakeholders make easier decisions.

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Launching a new product involves volatile risks.  Imagine there was a process that could validate your new ideas before you invested everything in developing them further and assist you…

I’m a Small to Medium-sized Business

Stagnation introduces openings for competitors.  How do you successfully ‘Blockbuster to Netflix’ your brand and products, while minimizing risk? Rocketfuel has built a framework that…

I’m a Global Corporate

Corporates are the container ships of businesses, with limited maneuverability stifling innovation. Rocketfuel works with corporates to build a Futures Pipeline, launching…


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